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The Gen2 DEX

for High-Frequency Trading

Order books. API-access. Lightning-fast.

Trade on BASE

CEX Speed, DEX Trust

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Efficient Order Books

Trade with tighter market spreads, rivaling a CEX.

Gasless Quotes

Actively manage trading positions without worrying about gas.

Lightning-fast Matching Engine

Achieve peak trading performance with up to 500K trades settled in a second.

Binance-like APIs

Import CeFi algo strategies with simple plug & play API integration.

Gas Efficiency

Save up to 3X on gas with trade roll-ups, beating other DEXs.

MEV Resistant

Your trades are protected against bots or any predatory practices. Trade worry-free!

Custody-less Trading

Trade direct from wallet with 100% self-custody, no deposits required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tegro?

Tegro is a Gen2 orderbook DEX that enables high-frequency trading directly on-chain. With order books, lightning-fast orders, gasless bids and asks, and up to a 3x reduction in gas fees, along with API bot access similar to that of Binance or Coinbase, Tegro merges the performance of a CEX with the trust of a DEX. This makes it an ideal option for traders who prioritize speed and security on-chain.

What is Base chain?

Base is a Layer 2 chain on the Ethereum blockchain. It employs Optimism's OP Stack technology, which enhances the system's security, scalability, and interoperability. Base is designed to facilitate a more efficient transaction process while maintaining a high level of security and the ability to work seamlessly with other systems and applications.

What are the benefits of trading on Tegro?

The Tegro DEX is built for traders, by traders. The exchange combines the performance and convenience of a centralized exchange with the trust and flexibility of decentralized exchanges. With order books, traders get exposure to tighter market spreads similar. They can also actively manage their positions, without incurring additional costs through gasless bids and asks. Trades on the exchange are settled at lightning speeds thanks to the powerful order matching engine. Additionally, Tegro’s trade roll-ups help reduce gas fee costs by up to 3x when compared to other decentralized exchanges. The Tegro DEX also offers plug-and-play API bot access, enabling traders to automate their trading and deploy HFT strategies directly on-chain!

How do I begin trading on Tegro?

To start trading, connect your wallet to the platform and navigate to Tegro Exchange. Select a trading pair from those available on the Base L2 chain and begin your trading activities. Tegro plans to expand its support to more chains and trading pairs in the future.

Can I earn rewards when I trade on Tegro?

Yes, trading on Tegro lets you earn rewards in USDC, and other tokens. Visit Tegro Earn to discover ongoing and upcoming contests and events. Any rewards you earn on Tegro are deposited directly into your wallet.