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December 03, 2023 - The current price of (PoS) yearn.finance is $8606.71 per YFI on Tegro: The CEX-DEX. (PoS) yearn.finance is 86.07% below the all time high of $8729.06. The current circulating supply is 36666 YFI. Discover new cryptocurrencies to add to your portfolio.

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About (PoS) yearn.finance

Yearn Finance is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that provides lending aggregation, yield generation, and insurance on the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol is maintained by various independent developers and is governed by YFI holders. It started out as a passion project by Andre Cronje to automate the process of switching capital between lending platforms in search of the best yield offered, as the lending yield is a floating rate rather than fixed rate. Funds are shifted between dYdX, AAVE, and Compound automatically as interest rates change between these protocols.  The service offered includes major USD tokens such as DAI, USDT, USDC, and TUSD. For example, if a user deposits DAI into yearn.finance, the user will receive yDAI token in return, which is a yield-bearing DAI token.  Later on, it collaborated with Curve Finance to release a yield-bearing USD tokens pool that includes four y-tokens: yDAI, yUSDT, yUSDC and yTUSD, it is named as yUSD.  Yearn Finance debuted the vault feature after its token launch, igniting a frenzy on automated yield farming and is considered the initiator of the category of yield farming aggregator. Basically, the vault will help users to claim yield farming rewards and sell it for the underlying assets.  Vaults benefit users by socializing gas costs, automating the yield generation and rebalancing process, and automatically shifting capital as opportunities arise. End users also do not need to have proficient knowledge of the underlying protocols involved or DeFi, thus the Vaults represent a passive-investing strategy. It is akin to a crypto hedge fund where the aim is to increase the amount of assets that users deposited.


Everything you need to know about (PoS) yearn.finance

On which network(s) is (PoS) yearn.finance available?

(PoS) yearn.finance is available on Ethereum, OP Mainnet, Polygon, Avalanche and Arbitrum One

What is the current price of (PoS) yearn.finance?

The current price of (PoS) yearn.finance is $8606.71.

What is the total supply of (PoS) yearn.finance?

(PoS) yearn.finance has a total circulating supply of 36666.

What is the the total market cap of (PoS) yearn.finance?

(PoS) yearn.finance has a total market cap of 315573628.85999995.

What is the 24 hour global trading volume of (PoS) yearn.finance?

In the past 24 hours, the total trading volume of (PoS) yearn.finance is 70675552 with 33228.43183458649 sales.

Where can I buy, sell, and trade (PoS) yearn.finance?

The best place to buy, sell, and trade (PoS) yearn.finance is Tegro: The CEX-DEX. Use orderbooks, limit orders, and more on Tegro: The CEX-DEX to trade (PoS) yearn.finance at the best prices.

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